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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wrap of Goodness!

Hey lovelies,

Excuse my absence. A lot has been going on. As I live in Israel, it has been stressful with the current situation going on. The last month I have majorly slacked! I have put on weight and I am so upset with myself.

I guess being vegan is not as easy as I thought. I became such a card fiend! But no more. I have bought myself and amazing food processor to make some yummy dishes like soups and smoothies!

I have also bought weights to keep at home for the days I cannot make the gym so I can do some exercise before bed. I am back in the game! Willpower back on!

I guess you are looking at the above picture thinking it looks like a slug. Trust me, tasted much better than it looks!
I made delicious wraps! The wrap itself is rice paper and the inside ingredients were peppers, avocado, tomato and cucumber. The sauce on top is a satay sauce I made on my own and it was delicious!!

I recommend everyone to try this at home as it was an easy, filling and delicious and healthy dinner!


Lala xx

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