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Monday, 13 October 2014

We Should Be Dancing, Yeah!

Hey guys!

I am very sorry I haven't written in a while. My other blog was nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award so I was busy working on that, though unfortunately, I did not win. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

Anyway, I went off track a bit with my eating and exercise habits but now I am back and am really going to focus on myself!

I decided I need to try different sports to see which I enjoy and what makes me happy. As we all know, when you don't enjoy exercising, you chose not to do it, so you stay home and eat instead. Well, that is what happens to me!

So, lucky for me, I have this gorgeous friend called Keren (who is fucking awesome, always with red lipstick and hoop earrings on and a cool swag) who runs a hip hop dance class so last night, I went along. I am so glad I did as not only was it awesome, but I sweat shit loads!

When I arrived at Pure Studios, Keren took me for a tour. There are two Pure Studios in Tel Aviv, (where I live) and this one is specifically focused on dance classes. As we toured the studio I saw a contempory dance class going on and in another studio was yoga, and in another was ballet. I genuinely felt like I was walking through the school in Fame!

Keren opened her class which was a full class. All girls and one guy. She started us off with a warm up to 'Notorious BIG - Get Money' and I was excited to shake my booty.

After the warm up, we learnt a routine to Jlo feat Iggy Azalia - Booty. This was full on kicks, punches, booty shaking, boob popping and twerking. Couldn't think of anything more fun to be honest.

At one point, we went down and had to twerk, my legs and ass are feeling it today!

All the girls in the class really made an effort and if they didn't understand, Keren made sure to go over it for them. Like in every class, you had the 'look in the mirror posers' and the uncoordinated ones, but everyone had a lot of fun with it.

After the dancing, we needed to stretch out and warm down. Keren put on some old school Garage music, obviously I was in my element.

All in all, I had a great time, learnt a new dance routine, exercised, sweat loads and mainly, had a lot of fun!!

Until next time dolls!!

Lala xx