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Sunday, 22 June 2014

From AM to PM!

Hey guys,

 So as hard as it is, I have been really trying to keep healthy. Truth of the matter is, I really need to push myself to go to the gym more. It is just getting so hot here in Tel Aviv now that all I want to do after work is lie on my bed in the air conditioning and read a magazine!

Someone at work travelled to our UK office and bought me back a back of my FAVOURITE chocolates. Fudge, Chomp, Crunchie and Dairy Milk Caramel, forgetting I was now a vegan. It is things like that, that make it so difficult to keep on this vegan journey but then I think of the cows and I re gain the faith. But, don’t think I am not still staring at that bar of crunchie, because I am!

Apart from that, I have been finding new fun recipes and trying to find exotic fruits to keep my taste buds alive.

So, for breakfast the other day I cut up a few different fruits to have for breakfast. It was so delicious and because there was so much, I was full until lunch time. I added kiwi, mango, melon, peach and nectarine. Full to the top of the bowl and filling. Delicious!

For dinner this same day, I made the most DIVINE gnocchi. The sauce on top was one I found online. It included peppers, soya cream and carrots. You have to blacken the peppers in a pain in olive oil, boil the carrots and when they have cooled down, you blend them with soya cream. I added some salt, pepper and chili to the blend and then mixed it with the gnocchi, added some basil and voila – just beaut!!

Will be back soon with more news and recipes!

Lala xx


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